October 22, 2012

Carbon Copy Cloner 3.4.7

Carbon Copy Cloner

Fixed an issue affecting Tiger users in which a task that referenced a network volume as the source or destination could not be saved as a scheduled task.

Fixed an issue in which CCC would continue to check for updates despite being configured not to do so. This was genuinely a logic error that we regret, not a conspiracy to get folks to update to the commercial version of CCC. Sorry!

Scheduled tasks are always terminated and relaunched when you log out of your system. This update addresses an issue in which scheduled tasks would occasionally fail to exit upon logout, or fail to properly reload their configuration settings upon getting relaunched in this scenario.

Media errors encountered on the source volume no longer prevent CCC from blessing the destination volume at the end of a backup task.

To update CCC, choose "Update CCC..." from the "Carbon Copy Cloner" menu and click on the "Check for updates now" button. If you would like to verify whether an issue you reported is resolved in a beta release, check the "Inform me of beta releases" checkbox before checking for updates.

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